Over 235 outlets throughout Japan and 70 outlets in 60 other countries

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Who is H.I.S.?

We are a 100% Japanese owned company. Our HQ is in Tokyo and we are listed in Japan. with 267 offices in Japan, we have all the network to bring you the BEST price, MOST original and WIDEST variety of Japan products to your needs. You will be 100% taken care off with the Japanese hospitality.
Do a search on us, you will find out that we have also another 116 over offices in over 92 countries, we travel with you. And with the number is still expanding, expect us to be there with you real time in any unforeseen situations encountered while you are oversea.

~Young in Singapore, Roots 32 years deep in Japan, with 383 branches, H.I.S. canopys the world~

H.I.S. Singapore Branch

[Office Hours] Mon - Fri : 10:00-18:30 / Sat: 10:00-14:00 / Sun&Public Holidays: Closed
[Address] 100, Tras Street, #17-01, Amara Corporate Tower, Singapore, 079027
[Contact] TEL:+65 6222 1230, FAX: +65 6224 7129 [Email] travel@his.com.sg

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