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Traveling tends to be one of the best ways to experience history, arts and the vibrant gradient of cultures from all around the world. It lets us have that first-hand experience that can teach us and move us in many ways. Although we may all currently be temporarily grounded, we could still explore this beautiful world from pretty much anywhere — thanks to the invention of internet. Of course, nothing would really beat discovering the world first-hand in person, but you can observe astonishing natural phenomena, explore mountain tops/deep caverns, and sight-see cities you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Think of them as a prelude to the upcoming real experience!

Upcoming Highlights

HIS Gakuen & HIS Kankou Zoom Webinar

In this new series of online paid Zoom webinars, we will be sharing travel related knowledge & tips on a weekly basis 📚

Please refer to the schedule attached.

HIS Kankou



Date & Time

HIS Travel Japan Tottori TTJ & Okinawa OKA Prefectures Souvenirs

Tottori & Okinawa Prefectures’ Souvenirs [Facebook Live]
Tottori Prefecture is known for their specially cultivated 20th Century Pears, freshly caught Matsuba Crab just off the shore & many other special ingredients such as Tottori Sakyu Rakkyo (Japanese Scallions). With so much to offer, one might be surprised to know that Tottori is actually one of Japan’s least populated prefecture!
Enrich your everyday diet with Okinawan products! Okinawa produces a large variety of fruits like shikuwasa (a type of lime) and pineapple which do not grow in the colder climate of mainland Japan. What’s more, another one of the region’s famous produce – brown sugar, has been long considered one of the food staples in Okinawan diets since it supports the smiles & longevity of the local residents.

03 February 2021 (Wednesday), 15:00 – 15:45

Japan Nishimatsuya x HIS Travel Singapore

Nishimatsuya Apparels [Facebook Live]
With over 1,006 stores in Japan, Nishimatsuya is a chain store which specializes in selling baby & kids clothes and accessories at affordable prices. In this special collaboration, we will bring you a variety of clothes suitable for infants and young children. At HIS Travel, we bring Japanese quality goods to you, while maintaining reasonable prices!

10 February 2021 (Wednesday) & 20 February 2021 (Saturday), 15:00 – 15:45

Sake & Shochu Japan Alcohol

Sake & Shochu [Facebook Live]
Experience Japan in a different way, here at HIS Travel, we bring the best of Japan to you & your loved ones. Find out and shop your favourite Japanese sake or shochu in this virtual session!

6 (Saturday) & 17 February 2021 (Wednesday), 15:00 – 15:45

Tottori Japan Misasa Onsen Virtual Tour

Tottori Virtual Tour #3: 20th Century Pear Museum, Otani Brewery & Misasa Onsen (LIVE) [FREE]
Understand what makes the sweet Tottori’s 20th Century pears so captivating to the local! We will also bring you to the storehouse of Otani Brewery, where our local guide will explain the process of brewing sake. What’s more, we will be introducing the unique facilities of Misasa Onsen, so don’t miss out on our Tottori virtual tour on 21 Feb 2021, 2pm!

21 February 2021 (Sunday), 14:00 – 15:00

Basic Japanese for Travelling

The new travel style will most likely be "free & easy" in the post Covid-19 world. Thus, we think that learning to converse in some basic Japanese such as greetings, asking for directions, ordering food in the restaurants, etc. would definitely be helpful for your next trip to the Land of the Rising Sun 🇯🇵

Travel all over Japan with minimum hassle after completing our 10 customized basic Japanese lessons! Practice & role play with your partners during each session. Sign up before 30th Nov to enjoy the early bird special pricing, lesson notes, mystery gifts & exclusive snacks! *Tips of how to itinerary planning with the efficient use of train & bus passes alongside recommended accommodation, food, etc. will also be provided✨⁠ Schedule is also customizable (45 mins/session, twice/week on Zoom platform).

Basic Japanese Lessons for Travelling

HIS Gakuen: Basic Japanese for Travel (10 Sessions)

Would any of you be interested in attending private basic Japanese classes for travel? Do let us know! 🙋 We will be hosting a total of 10 sessions of 1 to 1 basic Japanese classes focusing on greetings, how to ask for directions, etc. at S$30/pax per session 📖🖊️

What's more, notes will be provided at the end of the class for your easy reference!
📅: Monday - Friday
🕒: Between 11:00am - 8pm (SGT) (*Overseas participants are also welcome to apply!)

HIS Gakuen 1 on 1 Private Basic Japanese Class

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Virtual Tour: Winter snow in Japan - Hokkaido, Yamagata, Fukushima & Nagano

Among the four seasons of Japan, the unique landscapes one can behold during the colder months are something special: the Garinko icebreaker boat pushing through the frozen sea, the majestic white views of Ouchi-juku & Ginzan Onsen, cute monkeys soaking in hot springs surrounded by snow & impressive ice sculptures of Sounkyo Hyobaku Festival!

HIS Travel Virtual Tour Winter Snow in Japan - Hokkaido, Yamagata, Fukushima & Nagano

Take a cruise through the ice floes of the Sea of Okhotsk!

Book your virtual experience here now!

Archives Section

FB Live - HIS Itadakimasu!

Missed our past episodes of HIS Itadakimasu FB Live? Fret not! Refer to this archive section for the past episodes to learn more about Japan as we invite special guests and local experts onto our episodes to explain more for your understanding. Do support us by sharing our videos with your family and friends & liking it so that we can work harder to bring you better content!


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