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Traveling tends to be one of the best ways to experience history, arts and the vibrant gradient of cultures from all around the world. It lets us have that first-hand experience that can teach us and move us in many ways. Although we may all currently be temporarily grounded, we could still explore this beautiful world from pretty much anywhere — thanks to the invention of internet. Of course, nothing would really beat discovering the world first-hand in person, but you can observe astonishing natural phenomena, explore mountain tops/deep caverns, and sight-see cities you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Think of them as a prelude to the upcoming real experience!

Tokyo Online: Shibuya & Shinjuku with a Local Expert

Tokyo is arguably one of the most amazing food and travel destinations in the world and we are excited to share it with you, from the comfort of your home! During this online experience, feel the excitement of two of Tokyo’s most popular districts through images, stories and other materials. Don’t worry about taking notes, as we will send the related information and documents to you at the end of the whole session.

HIS Travel Japan Tokyo Shibuya Japanese Street Food Tour

Learn more about the difference between Shibuya and Shinjuku city wards in Tokyo

Japan Tokyo Shinjuku Ramen

Know the hidden gems, tips and tricks about the local areas & Japanese culture from our expert guides!

You could also take a break & people-watch with this live feed of the famous Shibuya scramble crossing where pedestrians cross in all directions at once.

Tokyo Online Happy Hour: Cocktail Connections

Understand Japan and its amazing culture via a virtual workshop on how to make your own delicious Japanese-inspired cocktails and mocktails at home! Each participant is able to receive useful resources, related information and the recipes at the end of the session.

HIS Travel Japan Tokyo Happy Hour Cocktail Tour

Learn more about the drinking culture in the Land of the Rising Sun

HIS Travel Japan Tokyo Happy Hour Cocktail Tour Genmai Gin and Tonic

Would you like to try a glass of genmai gin and tonic?

Tokyo Online: Green Tea Time in Japan

Tea lovers rejoice! Let us share about the magic of green tea and its special place in Japanese culture. Learn the correct methods of brewing a cup of delicious tea, great tea pairings and even hidden secret tea spots!

HIS Travel Japan Tokyo Green Tea Farm

Acquire new knowledge with regards to the history of tea making/brewing

HIS Travel Japan Tokyo Green Tea Teacup

Let us connect across the globe and share a cup of relaxing tea together!

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