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  • 10D9N Sakura Special Tokyo-Osaka

    Relax at your own pace, enjoy leisure time in Japan with your loved ones!


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  • 5D4N Osaka

    Explore Japan’s second largest metropolitan area — Osaka, with your loved ones or friends!


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  • 5D4N Osaka Sakura Plus 2020

    Take a breather from the hectic work/academic life and relax in Osaka with the cherry blossoms all around you.


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  • 5D4N Package Shen Yun

    Immerse yourself in the traditional culture of Japan and experience an arts performance show of artistic mastery and delightful entertainment fit for royalty!


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  • 7D6N / 6D5N Tokyo & Osaka Twin City

    Being two of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations, Tokyo and Osaka are commonly traveled between via the Tokaido Shinkansen along Japan’s famous “Golden Route”, stretching along the densely urbanized Pacific Coast.


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