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  • 5D4N Kyushu

    Escape the hectic work / school life and discover the best of Kyushu! Have a dip and relax in the hot springs in Yufuin and trek in the mystic cedar forest in Yakushima Island, Kagoshima.


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  • 5D4N Machiya Kyoto

    Have fun living like a local and enjoy exploring Kyoto, known once as the capital of Japan.


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  • 5D4N Okinawa

    Spice up your weekend getaway in Okinawa with the impressive scenery and sandy beaches! Besides being well-known as a place for the longevity of its locals, indulge in rave-worthy & scrumptious dishes!


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  • 5D4N Okinawa

    Okinawa is the portal between Japan and the tropics and comprises of hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands. Naha City is its capital and it achieved world-wide fame when they were found to be the archipelago with the longest life expectancy in the world.


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  • 5D4N Osaka

    Explore Japan’s second largest metropolitan area — Osaka, with your loved ones or friends!


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