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Discover Tottori

Tottori prefecture is best known for its beautifully rugged coastline featuring rare and massive sand dunes which cover over 30 square kilometers of coast to the north of the city center in Japan. The abundance of sand allows world-class sculptors to showcase their wonderful sand sculptures in eastern Tottori’s Sand Museum. Tottori (鳥取市 Tottori-shi) is the capital city of Tottori Prefecture in the Chūgoku region (中国地方 Chūgoku Chihō) where traditional crafts and customs continue to be practiced in their original form.

HIS Travel Tottori Sand Dunes Sandboarding

Satiate the adrenaline junkie in you by sand boarding on the sand dunes!

HIS Travel Tottori Uradome Coast Kayak

Have fun exploring the transparent waters of Uradome Coast

If you love nature and picturesque places, why not trek up Mt Daisen / Mt Mitoku? Both mountains are places of both religious significance and scenic beauty since the ancient times.

Tottori Mt Daisen Hike

Hike up Mt Daisen, the climbing spot representing western Japan

HIS Travel Tottori Daisen Makiba Milk no Sato

Savour the famous soft serve at Daisen Makiba Milk no Sato!

Tottori Pear Picking

Pick these refreshingly sweet Tottori pears with your precious little ones and friends

Access to Tottori

The prefecture is accessible in 4 ways; domestic flight, bus, train or rental car.

Japan Tottori Access Transport

These are the fastest routes via each transportation mode:

  • Domestic plane: Tokyo to Tottori (1 hour 10 minutes)
  • Bus: Osaka to Tottori (3 hours)
  • Train: Osaka to Tottori (2 hours 30 minutes)
  • Rental car: Okayama to Tottori (2 hours)

What to see and do in Tottori




HIS Travel Japan Tottori Mt Daisen

Mt. Daisen
The tallest mountain in the Chūgoku Region and is one of the renowned symbols representing Tottori Prefecture with a beautiful shape resembling Mt. Fuji. See the many faces of Mt. Daisen via a scenic drive from the Yonago (south) side or Town Daisen!

HIS Travel Tottori Mt Daisen Japan Kagikake Pass

Kagikake Pass
The extensive Japanese beech forest contrasting with Mt. Daisen is a popular scenic spot.

HIS Travel Japan Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park

Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park
Known as one of the most photogenic spots in the region, the 50-hectare Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park provides a floral landscape with Mt. Daisen forming a magnificent backdrop.

Japan Tottori Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes
Created over thousands of years, the sand dunes are the largest in Japan and Tottori’s most famous tourist attraction. Enjoy beautiful views of the coast by camel rides, paragliding or even sand boarding! The sand dunes are covered in a blanket of snow during winter.

HIS Travel Tottori Japan Uradome Coast

Uradome Coast
Lined with white sandy beaches and shallow coves, the crystal-clear water and nutrient-rich waters make the coastline an ideal place to swim and snorkel. Try kayaking in a clear-bottomed vessel or hop on a cruise ride to view the colorful marine life and explore the numerous small caves!

HIS Travel Tottori Japan Star Gazing

Star Gazing
Tottori Prefecture is famed for having Japan’s best views of the starry night sky as the Milky Way can be seen in all the cities.




HIS Travel Tottori Japan Sand Museum

Sand Museum
Explore the world through these meticulously sand sculptures done by famous artists!

HIS Travel Japan Tottori Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory
Learn about how Mr. Gosho Aoyama debuted as a professional manga artist following his university graduation and the serialization of “Detective Conan”.

HIS Travel Tottori Japan Mizuki Shigeru Museum

Mizuki Shigeru Museum
Be impressed by the Yokai artworks and other illustrations done by Mr. Mizuki Shigeru!




HIS Travel Tottori Japan Pear Museum

20th Century Pears Museum
The Nijisseiki Pear Museum is the only museum in Japan showcasing the Asian pear. Don’t forget to have some delicious pear ice cream at the adjacent Nashikkokan.

HIS Travel Japan Tottori Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Nageiredo

Mitokusan Sanbutsuji Nageiredo
This unique national architectural treasure is built into the mouth of a cave on a sheer precipice. Be awed by the beauty of the mountain temple’s jaunty roof and hall support beams.

HIS Travel Japan Tottori Castle Ruins

Tottori Castle Ruins
Originally built in 1532, the Tottori Castle served as the regional center of power during Japan’s era of warring states. It was unfortunately destroyed due to the modernization policies of the Meiji period government.

HIS Travel Japan Tottori White Wall Storehouses

Shirakabe Dozogun
These storehouses are a collection of traditional buildings built during the Edo and Meiji periods and have been designated as an important preservation district. The white-walled storehouses and buildings are home to various types of stores that offer up a retro ambience.

HIS Travel Tottori Ishitani Residence

Ishitani Residence
Visit the Ishitani Residence which was built over a ten-year span in the Taisho period. Listed as one of Japan’s Important Cultural Properties, the harmony of this splendid structure’s varied forms and patterns is considered a masterpiece of traditional construction.

HIS Travel Tottori Jinpukaku

The 2nd floor of this two-floor French-style Neo-Renaissance residence offers a fine view of the Horyuuin garden around the pond and a beautiful view of Mt Daisen in the distance on a clear day. This property also includes Kyusho Park, a famous spot for flower-viewing during the cherry blossom season.

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