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Japan Self-Drive

Self-drive or public transport?

Japan’s impressive and extensive railway & bus networks which connect the various prefectures together might prove to be a challenge for some. In contrast with the Japanese culture, majority of the tourists and local residents traveling to other parts of the world would make use of roads instead of railways / buses as the main means of transportation.

Self-drive Packages

Here are some of our customized itineraries prepared for your reference. How do we then decide whether a private rented car or public transport would best suit our travel?

Use public transportation in the main cities of Japan & drive a car in the outskirts of the cities

If you have decided to travel to the main cities of Japan, the best option is to actually use public transportation. Major cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo have invested massive amounts of money in creating a dense and convenient railway infrastructure for its citizens and tourists. In fact, most stations in big cities are usually connected several different train lines, you can thus have many options for routes / destinations to select from.

Japan JR Yamanote Train Tokyo

However, public transportation is deemed inconvenient or infrequent in the outskirts or countryside, and most people rely on cars to navigate around. Driving rental cars in Japan is recommended for the disabled and those who want to not walk only to the main attraction spots. Most train stations have elevators and escalators, be prepared that some smaller ones may only have regular stairs available or require you to walk longer distances to reach the elevator exit.

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What are the requirements to drive a car in Japan?

Foreigners can drive in Japan with an International Driving Permit (IDP) based on the 1949 Geneva Convention for a maximum of one year. As international driving permits are not issued in Japan, you could obtain yours from your home country in advance through the National Automobile Association for a small fee. Click here for more information from Automobile Association of Singapore.

Be rest assured that driving in Japan is not as difficult as it seems with the language barrier and foreign driving rules. Our experienced Travel Consultants will be able to better advise you by providing you with an itinerary with map-codes included based on your preferences and requirements!

Benefits of self-drive

  • For self-drive journeys, you don’t have to work according to anyone else’s schedule, and it’s all about what those participating in the road trip want to do and when they want to do it. That’s far less hassle and stress.
  • You get to take a break from all of the social media channels. Not using any of them throughout the whole trip might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but restricting your usage can be great for your own state of mind. By simply looking up from that smartphone, a whole new world of possibilities can be discovered.
  • Fill the days with great memories that you can look back on in 10 or 20 years and think “wow, that was pretty special!”
  • Listening to your favourite music in a car because that song becomes synonymous with whatever you’re doing at that moment in time.

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