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  • 7D6N Shikoku

    Satisfy the adventurer in you by exploring the natural wonders of Shikoku! Rejuvenate your mind and body in Dogo Onsen and learn more about the Japan culture.


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  • 7D6N Spring Hokkaido

    Come visit Hokkaido during the spring season where plenty of unique flowers bloom!


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  • 7D6N Tohoku

    Tohoku is a region of wild countryside, rustic hot spring towns and deep winters spent under a thick blanket of snow, brightened by some of the country’s most impressive festivals. Despite its charms, Tohoku remains one of the least-visited of Japan’s eight regions, and is thus one of the best places in the country to venture off the beaten track.


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  • 7D6N Tottori

    Experience real adventures and the adrenaline rush that go beyond the typical sightseeing locations in Tottori Prefecture and the nearby Shin-onsen Town.


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  • 7D6N Wakayama & Mie

    The mystical vibe and sacred forests of Wakayama Prefecture offer a soul-nourishing journey to the spiritual origins of the Japanese nation.


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